Post 16 Provision

Why choose GCE Applied Science?

This course enables students to develop both a broad understanding of scientific principles as well as the possibility of focussing on a specific pathway e.g., Health Care, Applications of Chemistry, Environment, Communications and Laboratory Functions. In addition, this qualification offers a mixture of units from theoretical through to those with a clear practical emphasis. 

Career possibilities 

This qualification provides students with essential skills, knowledge and understanding of the sector and gives an insight into career opportunities in the medical profession and other scientific fields as well as enabling entry into Further or Higher Education programmes

Past student Destinations

Students who have completed this course have continued to undertake a wide range of Degree level courses. These include:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Radiography
  • Cardiology                                          
  • Pharmacy                                         
  • Biomedical Science
  • Environmental Health
  • Nursing
  • Sports Studies
  • Teaching
  • Optometry

GCE Applied Science
Two year Course


Year 13

Year 14

Unit 1: Investigating Science at work 

Pupils will explore Science in a Business setting, namely Quinn Glass, Derrylin. It is a portfolio based unit and will incorporate a visit to the company.

Unit 2: Managing Human Activity

Students will gain knowledge of the respiratory and the cardiovascular systems. This tested unit combines biology and physics elements.

Unit 3: Finding out about substances

Students will use a variety of analytical chemistry techniques, such as Chromatography, Colorimetry, Enthalpy and Volumetric Analysis in this practical based portfolio.

Unit 4: Food Science and Technology

Students will carry out analysis on a food product which they will design. This unit will incorporate visits to Loughry College to undertake practical analysis in this portfolio based unit.

Unit 5: Choosing and using Materials

This is a tested unit which involves both chemistry and physics. The students will  study materials, their properties and why they are used.

Unit 6: Synthesising Organic and Biochemical Compounds

The students will make two organic chemicals and check these for purity. This unit incorporates a lot of practical activity.

Unit 7: Planning and Carrying out a Scientific Investigation.

This unit is a practical based portfolio based on the rancidity of oils. Students will visit Loughry College to undertake some of the investigative work.  

Unit 9: Sports Science

Students will conduct a healthy eating and fitness plan over a period of 4 weeks in this portfolio based unit. They explore types of sports injuries, carryout a case study. and look at occupations in relation to sport.

Unit 11: Controlling Chemical Processes

This is a tested unit on equilibrium, rates of reactions and enthalpy related to the industry.  

Unit 13: Colour Chemistry

This is a practical based unit. Students will make an azo dye and extract a natural dye. They will also make paint and test it for purity.

Unit 14: The Healthy Body

This is a tested unit and is a continuation of the Year 13 Unit 2 Managing Human Activity.

Unit 15: The Role of the Pathology Service

Students will explore the Biochemistry, Microbiology, Haematology and Pathology departments of the Pathology service. In this unit students will make a visit to Belfast City Hospital.

N.B Single Award Science= Unit 1,2,3,7 and two others


In both Year 13 and Year 14 assessment is based on a combination of portfolio work and examination work. Portfolio work accounts for two thirds of the course and one third of the course is based on examination work. 


Staff in Department

Mrs S Rodgers - Head of Department and Teacher of Science

Mr J Ownes

Mr B Armitage

Miss A Devlin

Miss D McPhillips

Science Technician:

Mr E O’Harte