Key Stage 3 Provision

From Year 8 until Year 10 all pupils have 4 language classes per week- 3 of French and one of Irish. Students learn to talk about themselves, their family, friends, pets and interests. They also do research into the culture of a number of countries where French is spoken. In Irish they have opportunities to develop an understanding of the Gaelic traditions of our own rich cultural heritage.

The learning of the language class is linked naturally to experiences afforded to our pupils in other areas of the curriculum, for example, in Music , Art ,Home Economics, PE and Citizenship. At the end of Year 10 pupils have the opportunity to sit the G.O.M.L. exam.(Graded Objectives in Modern Languages) . Successful pupils ( on average 90% of candidates entered ) are awarded a certificate by CEA.

Staff in Department


Mrs J Lenaghan - Head of French Department and Teacher of French

Miss O McMeel