Business Studies

Post 16 Provision

This business course provides pupils with a broad introduction to the business sector and encourages pupils to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in realistic business contexts, such as discovering the problems and opportunities faced by local businesses and/or organising an enterprise activity. To develop pupils understanding close links with local businesses exist in the form of guest speaker. GCE Applied Business provides opportunities for pupils to develop sufficient depth of understanding to inform their choices between further study or training.

AQA Content & Assessment

GCE Applied Business is a two year course that is assessed equally via a combination of portfolio work and written exams. 

AS Units of study Year 13

Unit 1 - Investigating Business

In this portfolio assessed unit, pupils will explore the aims and objectives of businesses, the needs of their customers and how these are met through the use of the marketing mix. They will investigate how businesses deal with competition from other businesses and how external factors, such as changing social values, can affect a business. Pupils will explore the meaning of enterprise and enterprising behaviour and why individuals and teams are vital to the success of a business.

Unit 2 – People at Work

In this portfolio assessed unit, pupils will study the roles and responsibilities of people in business and the qualities an employer looks for in its employees. They will investigate the training and development opportunities available to individuals and why motivation is vital in retaining staff. 

Unit 3 - Financial Planning and Monitoring

In this externally assessed unit, pupils will be assessed on their ability to calculate business costs, revenues and hence profits and be required to know how managers use this information in decision making. They will need to know the ways in which businesses plan their finances by, for example, drawing cash flow forecasts or

budgets and how businesses use these data to monitor the performance of the organisation.

A2 Units of study Year 14

Unit 8 – Business Planning

In this portfolio assessed unit, pupils will be given the opportunity to produce a structured business plan for a new product or service. The plan should be suitable to present to an external lender, such as a bank, who might provide finance for a new or

existing business, or to an internal stakeholder, such as a senior manager, who may have the authority to give the go-ahead for the business idea.

Unit 9 – Marketing Strategy

In this portfolio assessed unit, pupils will investigate why marketing activities are vital to the achievement of business aims and objectives. Pupils will consider the importance of marketing strategies and tactics for businesses as they attempt to meet different customer needs and successfully deal with a variety of competitors.

Pupils will learn how to use quantitative and qualitative information when recommending a marketing strategy and associated mix of marketing activities.

Unit 15 - Financial Accounting for Managers

In this externally assessed unit, pupils will be required to understand the fundamental accounting concepts and terminology that are used in accounting. The unit will provide an overview of the bookkeeping system. Pupils will learn about the main

checks within a financial accounting system. They will be expected to be able to comment upon them but will not be required to prepare these documents. Pupils will need to understand the purpose of financial statements and the concepts that underpin them in order to understand what they mean.

Qualifications and Expectations

The minimum entry requirement is in line with the school admission criteria, for all Post 16 courses. GCSE Business Studies is not compulsory but it is an advantage. The ideal pupil must be ale to work independently as required and effectively as part of a team. The skills of time management and initiative are a must in developing business studies pupils as independent learners equipped with the necessary skills ands qualities required for future careers and higher education.

Staff in Department

Mrs P Caughey - Head of Department