Learning Support

About the Learning Support Department

St. Comhghall’s is an inclusive school which welcomes students of all abilities.  All young people with additional learning needs are included as full participants in the academic, pastoral and social life of the school.  We strive to ensure that all children will make progress and become self-confident members of our school community.

The Learning Support Team along with all subject Teachers endeavour to provide access for our students to a broad and balanced curriculum which allows for a broad range of abilities, talents and interests.  Students in Key Stage 4 are encouraged to take as many GCSE subjects as possible as well as a differentiated Vocational Skills Programme in order to give the student a broad range of experiences.

The work in this department is seen very much as a partnership between children, parents, school and appropriate support agencies.  Many children receive support through small class settings or additional teaching in withdrawal periods. Classroom Assistants provide a number of pupils with invaluable support in terms of care as well as helping these young people to maximise their potential both socially and academically. 

We have a major focus within our school on Literacy as the key to all academic progress.  Learning support is a whole-school issue and every teacher takes responsibility within their subject area to encourage reading for understanding.

The Reading Partnership Programme which is organised by the English Department gives pupils vital support in this area.

Students receive support based on many factors including:

  • Information from Primary Schools
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Pupil / Parent request
  • Subject Teacher request.

Teaching and Learning styles are developed which are suited to the needs and abilities of children based on advice from visiting professionals including the Educational Psychology Service.