Key Stage 3 Provision

Students follow a programme consisting of 4 Science periods a week, combining the three strands- Biology, Chemistry and Physics, along with Scientific Investigative work incorporated into each of these. Students work through a number of Cross Curricular Themes, part of the New Curriculum.  


Students are assessed four times in an academic year, twice formatively and twice summatively. Target levles are shared with the students in the form of  target tables. Their attainment in the subject area is displayed in the table along with a letter to indicate whether they have fulfilled their target grade or not. (A=Above, O=On and B=Below)


Science is compulsory subject for GCSE, so by the end of Key Stage Three students should have a good grounding in all aspects of Science that will help them during their GCSE years.

Key Stage Three Science

Three year Course


Year 8

  • Theme 1: Who am I?
  • Theme 2: Environment
  • Theme 3: Fermanagh

 Year 9

  • Theme 1: Ireland
  • Theme 2: Create ā€˜nā€™ Cook

Year 10

  • Theme 1; The World (of Water)

Cross Curricular Skills

Year 9

  • Numeracy Assessment:
  •  Data Handling

 Year 10

  • Numeracy Assessment:
  • Speed, Distance and Time
  • ICT Assessment:
  • Cooling Cups

Celebration Days

At the end of each theme students

display their learning of the topic through various means to the rest of Key Stage Three. These include Powerpoint, Roleplay, Moviemaker, song and dance etc

Useful Websites 

Staff in Department

Mrs S Rodgers - Head of Department and Teacher of Science