Course categories

Key Stage 3 

Year 8 
 Technology & Design
 Religious EducationSummary

Year 9 
 Technology & Design Summary
 Science & STEM Heart Matters Summary
 Religious EducationSummary

Year 10 
 Celebrity Culture
 Learning for Life and WorkSummary
 Agri food Challenge
 Home Economics
 Religious Education
 Home Economics Diet, Health and Consumer Awareness
 BTEC Hospitality
 BTEC IT Level 2

Art and Design 
 Art and Design
 Art and Design Yr 11
 GCSE Art and Design

Business Studies 
 Year 11 Business Studies
 Year 12 Business Studies

Construction and the Built Environment 
 Construction and the Bulit Environment

 Creative Writing
 English year 11

English Literature 

 GCSE History

Unit 1 Revision 



Information Communication Technology 
 ICT TechnicianThis course allows guest users to enter
 GCSE Information and Communication Technology
 Year 12 ICT

Learning for Life and Work 
 Learning for Life and Work
 Personal Development

Leisure and Tourism 
 Leisure & Tourism

 GCSE Maths Notes

Maths CCEA 

Maths Welsh 
 Maths Welsh

Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies 
 Year 11 Motor Vehicle Studies
 Year 12 Motor Vehicle Studies

 GCSE Music

Occupational Studies 
 Understanding the Retail Industry
 Occupational Studies digital Imaging

Physical Education 
 Year 11 CCEA GCSE PEThis course allows guest users to enter

Religious Education 
 GCSE R.E Core Notes Unit 5 Mark's Gospel
 GCSE RE Core Notes Unit 4 Ethics
 GCSE RE Year 11

 BTEC Level1/2 First Award Principles of Applied Science
 Year 12 AQA Additional Science
 Btec First Certficate Science
 Year 11 Science AQA
 Year 11 Science CCEA

 Year 11 Physics
 Year 12 PhysicsSummary

 GCSE Sociology

Technology and Design 
 Technology & Design Unit 1
 Technology & Design Unit 4
 Technology & Design Unit 5
 Technology and Design Unit 3

Child Development 
 Controlled AssessmentSummary
 Child Development

Unit 1 Controlled Assessment 

BTEC Hospitality 
Post 16 
 AS Biology
 BTEC Policies
 btec Level 3 Subsidary in Sport

 Unit 3 Accounting
 Accounting AS Unit 2
 Accounting Unit 1 AS

Art and Design 
 Art and Design


AS Business 
 Unit 1 Investigating Business
 Unit 3 Financial Planning and Monitoring
 Unit 2 People in BusinessSummary

A2 Business 
 Unit 9 Market Strategy
 Unit 8 Business Planning
 Unit 15 Finanical Accounting for ManagersSummary

 BTEC Construction and the Built Environment Unit 5/6Summary
 BTEC Construction & the Built Environment: Unit 2
 BTEC Construction & the Built Environment Unit 1
 BTEC Construction & the Built Environment Unit 10 Summary


 Unit 1: Using ICT to communicate (G040)This course requires an enrolment key
 Unit 2: How Organisations use ICT (G041)This course requires an enrolment key
 Unit 3: ICT Solutions for Individuals and Society (G042)This course requires an enrolment key
 Unit 9: Working to a brief (G048)This course requires an enrolment key
 Unit 10: Numerical Modelling Using Spreadsheets (G049)This course requires an enrolment key
 Unit 14: Developing and Creating websites (G053)This course requires an enrolment key

 BTEC Level 3 Interactive Media

Health and Social Care 
 A2Unit 9, Providing ServicesSummary
 Health and Social Care Unit 10
 Health and Social Care Careers
 Unit 1: Promoting Positive Care
 Unit 2 - Communication in a Care Setting
 Unit 3 - Health and Well Being

 A2 Module C4 Mathematics
 AS Module S1 Mathematics
 A-level Mathematics - M1
 A2 Module C3 Mathematics
 AS Module C2 Mathematics
 AS Module C1 Mathematics

Religious Education 
 Course Fullname 101
 GCE Religious Studies

 Unit 5 - Choosing and Using materials
  Unit 16 Ecology And Conservation
 Unit 14: Healthy Body
 Unit 1: Investigating Science at Work
 Unit 2: Energy Transfer Systems
 Unit 3 Finding out about Substances
 Unit 4: Food Science And Technology
 Unit 6: Organic Chemicals
 Unit 7: Planning and Carrying out a Scientific Investigation
 Unit 8: Medical Physics
 Unit 9: Sports ScienceSummary

Unit 5 - Choosing and Using Materials 

 Crime and Deviance
 Unit 1: Sociology
 Unit 2: Education
 Unit 3 - Beliefs in Society

Crime and Deviance 

Travel and Tourism 
 Travel and Tourism

Learning Support 

Study Planning 
 Study Planning

BTEC National Award CCLD 
 BTEC National Award in Children's Care Learning and Development

 Unit 1: Digital Graphics
 Unit 7: 3D Modeling
 Unit 9: Game Design
 BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary diploma in Sport

AS Biology 
 AS Biology
 Year 11 Careers Guidance
 Year 12 Careers Guidance
 Year 13 Careers Guidance
 Year 14 Ucas Application
 Year 8
 Year 9
 Year 10
 Year 11
 Year 12
 Year 13
 Year 14

Year 8 Science Worksheets 
 Year 8 Science Worksheets

Personal Learning Logs 
 Personal Learning Log